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Setting Yandex Direct in Moscow

Almost the entire population of Moscow uses such a popular search engine as Yandex. And with the right advertising campaign in Yandex Direct, you can think less about SEO optimization of the resource. Moreover, this tool is available in the search engine and they only need to use correctly.

And the main feature of why you should order such advertising — it is a leader in the vast Runet. This means that every Russian-speaking user will see a short advertising message, which will be included in the sphere of his interests.

Is your business focused on Russian-speaking Internet users? Then it’s time to order advertising Yandex Direct. And we will take care of its correct configuration, so that it is noticed only by those people who are definitely interested in this message.

Our advantage

Personal manager

The management of the advertising company is engaged in a personal nutritionist, who is always available for contact with the customer: phone, e-mail, messengers.

Price per click monitoring

Our specialist makes adjustments to the advertising company, depending on the rates.

Setting key goals

Key objectives allow to analyze the effectiveness of the advertising company and get the most out of it.

Increase the marketability of the page

Before you conduct an advertising campaign Yandex Direct, it is necessary to improve the usability of the site. To make attractive offers to the customers.

Minimize failures

Often the reason for a large number of failures is a long loading of the site and technical errors.

A separate advertisement is created for each request

To improve the effectiveness of Yandex Direct contextual advertising, we set up separate ads for each request or item. This will reduce the bounce rate and reach a wide audience.

Yandex Direct advertising properties

Using the search engine and driving the next request to the browser, have you noticed that before the result appears to block the ads. Which met the request to some extent and attracted your attention. So this is contextual advertising Yandex.

It helps the site quickly enough to get to the TOP. After all, click on advertising, users get to your resource, and the search engine notices that this site is interesting to people and useful to them. As you can see — it’s very simple, but very effective.

However, it is important to take into account that the user is “counted” by the search engine only if he stays there for a long time. It is also important to take into account that if the product (service) on the site will not be, or it does not suit the client, he will leave the resource and you will lose it.

Therefore, it is important not only to make the right advertising campaign, but also to lead at least a minor optimization of the resource. He must have a competent navigation and easy search for the necessary goods. Ideally, advertising, after a click, will automatically redirect the user to the page with the product (service), so that he can quickly register and make a purchase.

All this promotes the growth of sales.

To order the service Yandex Direct

The principle of Yandex Direct

Order contextual advertising Yandex Direct is very simple, but it is important that it worked with experts. And we are such professionals, because we perfectly know the scheme of this tool:

  • The ad should only be shown to the target audience, so as not to disturb uninterested users. Moreover, only in Moscow, because it is the capital that interests us
  • Advertising is shown only to people who want to buy the product you offer. And Yandex is able to find such people by analyzing the key user requests and the key “message” embedded in the advertisement
  • The system is able to remember requests and will display contextual advertising on any partner sites, but only if the user has previously used the target request. In this case, contextual advertising will be shown even on non-thematic sites (for example, previously a person was looking for used cars, and after a while visited the site with clothes and saw ads for the sale of supported cars)
  • All users will see only relevant advertising (if they are interested in the promoted product or service)

How to set up Yandex Direct advertising

If you want to quickly and easily advertise your brand or store, you only need to order The Yandex Direct configuration from us. After all, the final result depends on how accurately it will be carried out.

  • Collection of the necessary semantic component
  • Calculate the budget you want to spend on advertising
  • Advertising campaign planning
  • Development of a suitable advertising message
  • The launch of the campaign
  • Analysis of clicks on your promotional link
  • Change the cost per click and frequency of ad impressions to achieve optimal results

The cost of the campaign in Yandex Direct

If you want to start making really big money and ready for the influx of customers — order advertising Yandex Direct company Seo modern

Before you start promotion with the help of contextual advertising, you need to know its cost. And it is calculated according to a simple scheme:

  • Cost per click — you pay for advertising only if the user has passed on the message and got to your site (the cost ranges from a few cents to a few rubles, depending on the business and competition);
  • The as — Yandex agree to display advertisements only in the case that the site is made efficiently. And the higher the quality, the higher the cost, but the more attractive the resource for the user.

from 180 $ -30%

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