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Website promotion in Yandex

Have your own website but too few unique users? Tired of waiting for customers to offer them services? Too few sales, even though the proposed product is really high quality and simply must interest buyers? in this case, you need a quality promotion.
And the best option in this case will be website promotion in Yandex.

What are the advantages of website promotion in Yandex

Most professionals consider it the best option to continue the active development of their own commercial activities. After all, on the one hand, so you can attract new customers, moving in the search engine up, and on the other hand — this approach has a small cost.
It is also beneficial because:

Продвижение сайта в Яндекс
  • You need to pay a fixed monthly rate, which does not change after the conclusion of the contract
  • The number of promoted requests depends entirely on the budget
  • The site becomes more visible even for low-frequency queries, which specifically work is not carried out
Продвижение сайта в Яндекс

What is website promotion in Yandex

In fact-we offer you to promote your own business. To make your brand and company more recognizable, to popularize the offered service or goods.

What we offer

  • Professional drafting of keywords is critical for your website
  • Fixed payment for each month of the contract
  • All requests have their own cost, which is displayed in the contract
  • Guarantee that your site will be selected in the TOP
  • Full optimization of all promoted pages
  • Friendly betting system-per-click optimization
  • The final cost will already include all possible costs

Perhaps you think that this service will not suit you for some reason? Wait and think. Website promotion in Yandex has a small cost and pays off quickly. At the same time, regardless of the scope of your business, scope and volume of the site. After all, search engine promotion includes a universal approach to optimization and well-functioning mechanisms of work. The only difference — “young” sites need a little longer to optimize, so that they meet the requirements of the search engine.

These services are suitable for:

  • Companies offering a limited range of products or services (possibly specific products)
  • Those who have a limited budget for marketing
  • Progress on specific queries
  • Sites with a small audience in view of narrow topics

What is required for website promotion in Yandex

To start your way to fame and earnings, you need to do only one thing. Namely-to call on the phone to our company. Or leave a request for a call back, after which our Manager will contact you to solve a number of technical issues.

After the experts will study the site that requires promotion, pay attention to existing competitors and make a suitable technology for the development and promotion of the site in Yandex. Thus, you can quickly achieve your goals — as quickly as possible to get to the TOP. It will be hard work, but it must begin with a small step, which will be your call to us.

Stages of promotion TO the top Yandex

  1. Website promotion in Yandex implies getting a good result in a relatively short time. Do not expect that in the first few weeks you will be in the top. After all, black methods are used for fast promotion, which lead to the same rapid decrease in the list of issues, or even blocking the resource by search robots.

  2. We also offer a “white” promotion, which uses only allowed search engines technology. As a result, popularity growth is slow, but it will not decline rapidly over time. The whole work can take from several months to six months or more, depending on the complexity of the project as a whole.

  3. We have been doing this for more than one year, and therefore have the necessary experience in promotion.

Prices for website promotion in Yandex

We have a system of discounts on the amount of the order:

  • 10% – ordering from 35 000 ₽
  • 20% – ordering from 50 000 ₽
  • 30% – ordering from 70 000 ₽
Service name Price
Website promotion in Yandex TOP 3 from 30 000 ₽

The period of promotion for each site is individual. On average, it takes 3 months.

Our guarantee

Our company guarantees the conclusion of your site in the TOP 10 search engine Yandex.

  • You will be the TOP issue Yandex-specific queries
  • You will notice and those users who use other search engines
  • There will be no risks, including financial
  • Your website will be run by real professionals

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So – you need promotion? Do you want your business to bring several times more income than it brings now? Apply and we will fulfill this desire!