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Online store promotion

You decided to make your brand more popular and recognizable, for which you turned to us — a wise decision. Website promotion online store-it is always a complex and costly process that will require money and time, because there is a very high competition, so you need to work after quality training. And we know how to do the analysis to get into the promotion campaign as quickly as possible and with the best result.

Steps to promote the online store in Moscow

  • The selection of semantic core advance;
  • Clustering;
  • Optimization of site structure and available texts according to search engine standards;
  • Processing of external factors;
  • Processing of commercial factors.

And now in details

Keyword research for online store

Most stores focus on choosing the widest possible core to be able to organize the promotion of traffic. However, it is important to monitor all stages of existing conversions and build a sales funnel correctly.
Therefore, the core will be regularly updated and changed, depending on the statistics. Keep in mind that the promotion of the store in Moscow can not be stopped — any break is fraught with the fact that you quickly slide in the list of issue to the bottom.


To determine the optimal landing page logic is used plus the results of the search engine. The combined method works best (high-frequency requests are distributed manually, and low-frequency requests are distributed by the program).

Optimization of the online store

It is already important to make the store code more understandable for the search robot, as well as to speed up the speed of loading pages to attract customers. It is important to make easy navigation and the most friendly search on the site. Of course, you can not miss the design — it should be attractive, meet the main theme, but do not overload the web resource.
After that, it is important to properly prepare the content-both text and graphic. At this stage, new texts are created and existing ones are improved. We also work with meta tags and snippets. It is important to make sure that each page provides the most complete and useful information. At the same time focused not on the search robot, but on a person — otherwise the resource will receive a fine from the search engine Yandex.

External factor

This refers to working with links. Do not forget that the influence of the purchased reference mass is minimized and does not bring the desired result. Theoretically, soon they will not be used at all and will only be promoted with the help of thematic articles posted on partner sites. The link must be clickable.
In fact – this applies to the PR element of store promotion in the network. But this is added to the coordination of the overall operation of the site, as well as linking with the store group, open in social networks.

Commercial factor

This is the most promising option of promotion, which not only increases the position of the site in the issuance, but also improves the overall conversion. Here you need to create the right snippets of products offered, improve the appearance of cards and analyze the ways users get to the site and how they move inside it. This will be able to modify the functionality and improve its convenience.

What to expect from online store promotion

After the promotion of the online store in Moscow will be completed, you will be able to significantly increase the number of sales (with the right approach and focus on all consumers — the number of regular customers will increase by 2 — 3 times in the first six months). However, do not expect that the promotion will begin and end in just a few weeks. Do not forget that the rapid rise in the ranking of Yandex is fraught with an equally rapid fall.

However, do not expect that the promotion will begin and end in just a few weeks. Do not forget that the rapid rise in the ranking of Yandex is fraught with an equally rapid fall.

  • We are well versed in the promotion system and can guarantee the following:
    Your store will be in the Top and will attract more visitors, each of which will be a potential client;
  • Resource in parallel will unwind and on other search engines;
  • After entering the TOP you will stay there, and you will not be subject to penalties — we use only “white” promotion;
  • There are no risks;
  • With your store will work real professionals who have helped more than one store to become a popular point of sale.

What conclusion? It is simple — if you want to contact the company for the promotion of online store in Moscow, you should contact the company Seo modern. Call and we will discuss details.