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Website promotion in Google

Are you going to promote your own business? Are you going to focus on a progressive search engine or just cover not only users of Russia, but also “look” in other countries? Then you need to promote your site in Google!

Google is a very popular search engine in the West and is beginning to become more popular with us, though still inferior to Yandex (which account for a little more than 65% of Russian-speaking users). However, the situation continues to change and more and more users prefer “Google”.

Google needs to pay attention to those who:

  • Focused on reaching people all over the world (Yandex is for use only in Russia, slightly less than in the CIS countries, in Ukraine it only uses 50% of users roughly, in other countries it uses no more than 2% of users);
  • Wants to attract those users who prefer this search engine;
  • Assesses the capabilities and growing popularity of this search engine.

Methods for website promotion in Google

If you are focused on this search engine, we offer to contact us — we know all the nuances of this promotion. After all, over the years, found out what he “loves”, what does not pay attention, and for what actions you can get into the “black list”. We guarantee that pretty quickly your resource will get TO the top of the list and will be able to stay there.

It will be available thanks to:

  • Content-extremely high-quality, user-oriented and useful to living people. To do this, you will have to popularize the site (brand) in social networks, make the right reference profile and think about the behavioral profile
  • Meta-tags – improving the resource code will allow the search robot to quickly browse the site (or certain of its pages), which will increase the loyalty of the search engine
  • Increase download speed-optimization will speed up the loading of pages, easy navigation will make finding the necessary information easier and make it more accessible. And this is what the Google robot focuses on
  • Unique content-if the site regularly appears new and unique information, the search engine continues to keep the site at the heights reached, and under certain circumstances gives him a place in the TOP. It is the content that plays the greatest role in promoting the site in Google

The conclusion is simple — for successful promotion requires regular content creation. And texts must be:

  • Understandable – they are oriented to the General user, so that any new information should be conveyed in the most understandable words for the majority. But at the same time to have a semantic load (not “water”), key queries (for which the search is carried out) and to correspond to the theme of the web resource;
  • The content should not be “licked” from another resource, as any borrowed text is considered “theft”, makes your site “uninteresting” and can even lead to its blocking or other penalties;
  • Relevant – only useful, new and” true ” information will benefit. And the promotion does not stop after you have reached the desired Top, the resource must be constantly developed and filled with content, otherwise it will quickly fall in the list of issues to its former place.

Consideration of external factors in the promotion of the site in Google

The Google system is no different from other search engines — it also regularly checks whether your site refers to other sources, as well as the authority of these same sources in its database. If the authority confirms and the number of links is within acceptable limits, the search engine increases its confidence in the resource and promotes it higher in the list of issue.

The system also checks the credibility of your site, which is assigned a certain value. It is called PageRank (abbreviated PR) and has a value between 0 -10. The more your resource is referenced by third-party sites (but without exceeding a certain threshold), the higher the value, the higher you will rise to the TOP.

How we work

  • After submitting the application, we carefully study the site, identify its structure and features that need to be corrected. The main goal and audience are also defined.
  • At the next stage, the analysis of optimization works is carried out. This includes the optimization of the code of the web resource, and the optimization of existing content, plus filling it with new texts, taking into account the promoted links.
  • On the basis of the information received, a contract is drawn up, which will specify all aspects and the exact amount for the work. Nothing more than this will not have to pay!