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Creation of sites of any complexity:

Landing page 500 $

The website of the company from 850 $

Online shop from 2 000 $

Turnkey website creation

Today, such a service as “turnkey website creation”is very popular. This is understandable, because many owners of online stores and corporate sites have already realized that to order all services separately – it’s like to hire some masters for whitewashing, others for wallpapering, and the third for the installation of skirting boards.

Yes, indeed, the creation of Internet sites in something can be compared with the repair of the apartment. When several teams take on the case, most often, there are many inconsistencies and you have to pay more money to fix the flaws.

Prices for website creation

The cost of creating a turnkey website depends on a number of factors and individually for each project. The minimum price for the creation of the site is from from 500 dollars.

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The steps of creating a website

We offer our customers the creation of turnkey sites whose price is not so high compared to other agencies. At the same time, our staff can guarantee that the site will not just work, but also visually interesting, convenient and attractive to visitors.
This effect is achieved through an integrated approach and continuous interaction of all employees. Our Studio website development has been practicing for years, so we are well aware of all the nuances, use the latest software and modern technologies that make it possible to perform all the work quickly and efficiently.

Definition of target audience and concept

The first stage seems to be the easiest, but in fact, it is very important. Each store or corporate website has its target audience, which you need to focus on. For example, if it is a business card site for a law firm, which involves a small amount of information and is used only to present the company on the network, it is better to make it one-page. But on the website of the children’s center should be an extended menu, your blog, section with articles, contact information, description of services and so on. In the case of the online store concept will be different from the first two, because here the most important is the speed and ease of search. As practice shows, customers often buy things in stores where the goods can cost a little more expensive, but to find and order it takes a few minutes.

Design engineering

At the design stage, the specialist determines what the visual component should be. Very often it happens that the site is well written code, but it looks very unpresentable. Most often, these pages are made by the owners themselves or order them from freelancers who have mastered only elementary designers. The result is an area overloaded with pictures, inscriptions of all colors and sizes. And especially “talented” also choose bright acid colors for the background, from which all the content becomes completely unreadable.
Our company offers a design that does not look too Intrusive, but has its own twist that attracts visitors and distinguishes the site from hundreds of others.

Writing code

After the layout is created, it is passed to the programmers who write the code. They are obliged to organize the hardware work so that the visitor can quickly and easily navigate from page to page, find the necessary products and information. Most often on the site should be:

  • menu;
  • filters;
  • urchase buttons and registration forms;
  • linking
  • comment form
  • adaptability for mobile devices
  • animated effects
  • slide show
  • place for logo


The penultimate stage is the layout. This is a very responsible process, as it is necessary to correctly place all the design elements, so that they fully correspond to the layout of the project. To do this, the layout designer makes the layout, adjusts the site for it and delivers the work only when all the components are transformed into a single complete picture.

Content filling

After all the work is completed, it’s time to fill the site. Even if it is a store, each model should have its own unique description. Also, users appreciate sites that have information about the company, interesting articles, descriptions.
On the other hand, the search engines should also “like” the texts. Therefore, the analysis of queries and articles are selected under the keywords that copywriters enter so that the article was interesting and readable.
Also, when compiling the text, it is necessary to ensure that it corresponds to the corporate style of the company. For example, if we are talking about a dental clinic, the article should not be diminutive words, vernacular, artistic expressions. But for stores with goods for young moms superfluous excessive officialdom.

To order a website creation inexpensive turnkey in Moscow

When one company providing this service undertakes the work, a team of specialists is responsible for the development, and each employee clearly knows his duties, constantly maintains contact with other employees, coordinates decisions with them and discusses proposals. This integrated approach makes it possible to work out the nuances and the output to get a quality product that will fully satisfy customers. Hurry up to order a website from us and get a discount of up to 30%

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